99 Days

99 days until the Marine Corp Marathon, Baby!  To say I’m already very excited would be an understatement.  I think my husband will need to start slipping me Valium when we’re down to the last 30 days.  I know that I have a lot of work still ahead of me – last weekend’s 13 miler was my last “known” distance until October 6 – but I also know I can do it!

I am very goal driven but I also need some instant gratification to keep the ol’ mule running.  I know the last half of training will likely be grim so I am making plans now to keep myself on track.  I recently learned about a training run that one of the local running groups hosts for individuals who are training for fall races.  They offer a 10 and 20 mile course, with full support, for relatively little cost.  That 20 miler looms large in my head so I was very thankful that I was able to register for it.  The course is open for 6 hours and the organizers are very supportive of newer runners so it sounds like just the ticket.  Plus, the name of the run is Revenge of the Penguins!

I also just registered for a half marathon, the Crawlin’ Crab, in Hampton, VA.  I ran with J&A Racing in February at their Virginia is for Lovers 14K and really enjoyed the experience.  This half, other than being my race predictor for MCM and a nice change of pace with a flat course, will be my chance to practice running with a pace group.  I tried at the Dismal Swamp Stomp but was overly optimistic of my abilities and decided to run solo.  I plan to use a pace group at MCM so I need to practice running with the pack.

My final race before MCM is the Army Ten Miler. I have no real reason for this race other than I want to support their cause and I want to have a refresher of part of the MCM course.  Also, ATM is the week before MCM so maybe it will help keep my taper jitters at bay.

Oh, and if I can figure out how to squeeze in one more half marathon before the second week of October, I can move up a level in my Half Marathon Fanatic status.  Yes, I have a problem but at least I’m having fun!


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