(Just as some people shouldn’t be on Facebook when they drink, I probably shouldn’t blog when I’m hormonal.  I will try to not get too weepy.)

I just finished a rather intense three days of training and it left me feeling sore – and extremely grateful.  On Friday I ran 10 miles and then enjoyed a movie with my husband (at an awesome theater with recliner seats!  I slipped on my compression socks, popped my feet up, and enjoyed 2 1/2 hours of bliss!).  On Saturday, I ran 6 miles with a Moms Run This Town group and then hit my last bootcamp class.  On Sunday, I met my obstacle course friends for two hours of practice.  All of this in the hot swamp that is currently Virginia.  I was definitely feeling it on Sunday morning when I was trying to go over the sawhorses in the sun (the ends in the shade were higher!) but I kept pushing as hard as I could – and tried not to throw up.

So, why am I grateful?  I’m grateful for my awesome husband who doesn’t mind getting up at o’dark thirty to walk the dog so I can get ready for my run before the heat sets in.  I’m grateful for my amazing son who is a willing participant in (almost) all of my fitness adventures – he tore up the obstacle course on Sunday and was even practicing his Taekwondo form while balancing on the low logs! I’m grateful that I have found a large and active group of local  runners who are always game for a group run – when I first ran with them, I was worried about being too slow or not good enough. On Saturday, I spent some time with the fast ladies, some time with the slower ones, and some time in the middle by myself and it was all good!  I’m grateful for my obstacle course/kickboxing/crazy-ass-who-knows-what’s-next friends who literally give me a leg up and cheer when I finally make it over the wall.

I love this wall!

Mostly, though, I’m grateful that I got off my butt last March and started my journey toward fitness and better health.  I am grateful that I’m no longer constantly sick.  I’m grateful for the muscles that I am building, even if they are currently very sore.

My husband took a lot of pictures at the obstacle course yesterday and I was a little discouraged.  I felt that all you could see was my big ol’ behind:

I could have been a linebacker
I could have been a linebacker

But then I did a comparison from my first 5K (after I already lost about 60lbs) and yesterday:

SidebysideI am so grateful that the person on the left is not who I am now.


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