Weekend Update

The Bangles may know a catchy tune but they don’t know jack about marathon training. Sunday is definitely not my “I don’t have to run day”! But, let me back up…

I was really nervous about my training this weekend.  I had several hard, and multiple!, sessions planned and I didn’t know how I would manage it all.  Friday I had five miles, Saturday was 5 plus bootcamp, and Sunday was scheduled for 12 plus obstacle course training!  Who made this insane schedule?? Oh…

Friday was rainy and steamy but I hit the road after dinner and completed all five.  Nothing like running in the rain to make you feel hardcore!  Honestly, the way I sweat, I hardly noticed it was raining!

Saturday I ran 5 miles and then hustled to bootcamp.  It was a good session!  The trainer had me doing sprints with someone holding a resistance band. It was fun, even when he decided I wasn’t working hard enough and held the band himself!  Oof!  Yes, I did let loose some audible swear words at that one! I even squeezed in a couple of laps in the pool.

Sunday was the big kahuna!  I had planned to get up early, run part of the miles, go to the obstacle course, and run the rest in the afternoon.  Well, it didn’t quite go as planned.  I woke up late so I couldn’t run at home but I decided to head to the course early and run 3 miles there before OCR work.  That worked quite well!  If I do it again, I will try for 5 miles before the course.  My legs always feel dead for the first 3 miles and they continued to feel pretty sluggish on the course.  Last time I was able to jump the lower saw horses but this time I had to sit and swing over.

The obstacles there are: ropes, low horses to jump, mid-height horses to stand and pull yourself over, a high horse that needs a running start, a 7 (?) foot wall, various pull up stations and bars to shimmy along, small tires to leap frog, and two bolted tractor tires to flip.  On my first visit to the course, I couldn’t do the mid- or high- horses, the wall, very little on the bars, and about an inch up the rope.  Yesterday I nailed the mid-horses, shimmied along 3/4 of one bar, and made it a foot or so up the rope.  Next week, I plan on conquering the high-horse, the full length of one bar, and another section up the rope.

Here are a few pictures from the course:

After the course and after some family obligations (and a short nap), I attempted to complete my miles.  It didn’t happen.  I made it five and had to call it quits.  My hip was having none of it!  I know I worked hard on the OC but I really wish I had been able to stick with my prescribed run.  Next week I will move it to Friday so I just have five to do around the OC.  I look at it as building endurance.

I’m not quite as sore as last time (we supposedly didn’t do as many passes but I don’t believe it!) but I do have fresh bruises in exactly the same places!  It is definitely challenging and there is no room for hurt pride but it is extremely rewarding when you make some progress.  I can’t wait for my next crazy week!

Would you train on an obstacle course? There are videos of how to train for obstacle runs using playgrounds.  Would you do that or would you feel weird being out there with the kids?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. “Friday was rainy and steamy but I hit the road after dinner and completed all five. Nothing like running in the rain to make you feel hardcore! Honestly, the way I sweat, I hardly noticed it was raining!”

    Horses sweat….men perspire….women glow!

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