Impossible Just Takes Longer

I was talking to someone recently and they asked about my running so I told them about training for MCM and the possibility of tackling an ultra (50K) at the end of the year.  They basically told me that I was insane and that there would be no way that I could handle the extra 6 miles of the ultra, etc., etc.  I naturally consider what this person said because they have the “runner’s look” that I lack.  They have also done a marathon already so must know more about it than my half-marathon-only self.

Perhaps I am foolish to think I can do it.  Perhaps it isn’t possible for me.

This was the track my mind has been taking after our conversation.

Last night, I watched updates on Facebook and Titter as two of my favorite writers/bloggers, Dimity from Another Mother Runner and Meredith from Swim, Bike, Mom finished their first Ironman race at Coeur D’Alene.   Both women are “average” working mothers who decided that they were going to finish an Ironman, SO THEY DID!  Neither is a professional athlete.  Both experienced significant set backs and struggles during their training but they persevered and CRUSHED their race!

Instead of listening to the nay-sayers who have no idea of my potential, I will follow the lead of these two awesome women — the next time someone says that I can’t do a race, that it’s impossible, I’ll just smile sweetly and say “The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.” (thank you Army Corp of Engineers!)

Don’t let anyone limit your potential!


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