Up and Over

This weekend was jammed packed with all sorts of running and cross training fun!  I decided to join my moms running group for a 4 1/2 mile run around one of the local lakes.  I had boot camp scheduled at 8 but we were supposed to start our run at 6:30 so plenty of time!  Uh, not so much.  Several were running late and then we needed to take pictures so it was almost 7 by the time we started.  I was worried about the time so I told my running partner that I needed to turn back and get to boot camp when we were about twenty minutes into the run (I wasn’t sure how much further we had to go because my Garmin couldn’t pick up a signal).  While I was trying to find the entrance off the trail to the parking lot, I ran into my running partner again, coming from the other direction!  I was only 5 minutes late to boot camp and I made very good time on my run – win, win!

On Sunday, I had my “long” run waiting for me and I was not loving the idea.  I was having some stomach issues and my head hurt from an incoming front.  I slogged out the majority of it but I did not set any land speed records.  I then went down to Quantico where I met a friend for my first crack at obstacle course training.  I didn’t realize the course was on the base and, of course, the guys at the gate decided it would be funny to mess with me a bit (“Do you have a bike? No? We don’t allow running on base, Ma’am”  What??  “Just kidding, Ma’am, have a nice day”).  I attempted the course 4 times.  A lot of lower logs to jump, a wall to climb – doesn’t work well with trail shoes, by the way – high logs to hoist yourself over, pull up bars, ropes to climb, double bolted tractor tires to flip, and regular tires to frog hop.  Considering this was my first time, I think I did … okay.  I couldn’t make it over the wall or the high logs without a boost – though I did come close on the last log – and forget about the pull ups!  This was a specular display of my lack of upper body strength.  I was a little frustrated by my inability to do more but  I did give it my all, as the bruises all over my abdomen and arms can confirm!   We will hopefully be able to hit the course 2 more times before our first obstacle course race.  I look forward to the day that I can nail all of the obstacles!

My reminder for the day.

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