Product Review: Huma Chia Energy Gel

I, like almost everyone else, first learned of the benefits of chia seeds by reading Born to Run.  The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico can reportedly run amazing distances fueled by nothing but chia seeds, juice, and water.  While I wasn’t expecting any such miracles in my own running, I have been adding chia seeds to my green smoothies on a regular basis ever since.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited when I first learned about Huma Chia Energy Gel from Swim, Bike, Mom.  I cannot tolerate any artificial sweeteners and I am trying to “eat clean” so having a short list of ingredients that I can readily identify is a huge plus for me!

Love the ingredient list!
Love the ingredient list!

I finally ordered a mixed box a few days ago and they shipped super fast!  Since I had them in-hand, I decided to break one of the cardinal running rules and try something new for my trail half marathon.  I did have a strawberry one on Saturday, just to be sure nothing untoward would happen, but I didn’t use them in a stress situation until the actual race.

When all else fails, use safety pins!
When all else fails, use safety pins!

Since I had a green smoothie with chia seeds for breakfast, I decided to wait to have my first one until about mile 5.  I had my second around mile 9.  I think I waited too long to have my first, given the challenges of the course.  I did feel a nice little energy bump with each gel and they caused no stomach problems.  I also didn’t feel sick an hour after the run as has become my habit with tough runs.  Coincidence or the gels?  I had one strawberry and one apple cinnamon but I honestly didn’t notice the taste (I was too tired!).  The consistency was almost like jelly but they weren’t sickening sweet and they didn’t leave a funny aftertaste.

I plan on trying these again between my kickboxing and TRX classes on Thursday and for my long runs during training.  If you are looking for an energy gel that has a short ingredient list comprised of real food, I highly recommend trying Huma!  I think that I will see the real benefit once I get my timing ironed out.


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