Product Review: PRO Compression Socks

I’ve been considering compression socks for quite a few weeks. I did experience slight edema after my first half and I thought compression socks might help with that.  There were two problems, though.  1) I’m cheap and have a hard time justifying $50 for socks (unless they take 2 minutes off my pace!) and 2) I have very large calves (down to 18 1/2″! Whoo!…) and it is difficult finding socks or sleeves for women that are wide enough.

Last week, Active GearUp had a special for PRO Compression Marathon Socks at 50% off.  I decided to give them a try and bought two pairs. I’m very glad I did because the combination of Sunday’s race + Prednisone + heat/humidity and foolishly wearing heels to work has resulted in a bad case of edema in my lower legs and feet for the past two nights.  I put these socks on as soon as I arrive home and can immediately notice the difference!



SUPER fast shipping! Holy smokes!

They go up to size L/XL so they would fit even me

Great colors!

Overall, medium compression but not pinchy


The sock part is just too long for my foot.  Clearly made for a man’s XL (even though I bought the teal and purple colors)

The shaft of the sock is also too long so I need to readjust periodically so they don’t bunch behind my knees


Even with my problems, I still give these socks an A.  The size isn’t quite right for me but that is not a fault of the sock.  I could not run in these but the are fine to wear around the house or in the car after a race.  I think I will try sleeves next and see if those don’t work better.  And, oh, would you look at this!  Active GearUp now has them at 54% off!


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