Second Half – I Can Do This!

Sunday, I will be running my second half marathon at the Marine Corp Historic Half in Fredericksburg, VA.  I have to say, I really don’t know what to expect.  My training has been really off since the Swamp Stomp, the weather is looking less than optimal, and my body is having a rough time with the meds that I’m on for the poison ivy fall-out.

[whine] Seriously, I thought about leaving kickboxing and TRX twice last night and sat and cried in the bathroom while cleaning up my legs that had spontaneously started bleeding between classes. Thinning skin, anyone? My legs are starting to hurt less but my skin just feels so weird and stretched and uncomfortable, especially around my knees. The horrible cystic acne isn’t helping my mental health, either. [/whine]

I’m not going to panic, though.  Historically, I have had very good runs with the Marines.  I ran my second 10K with them last October after my first, disastrous one, with another group in September (I mentally think of it as my personal Death March) and the Marines totally salvaged my confidence in my running.  They have excellent on course support and this course will have several opportunities for me to see my family rather than the normal wait for the finish.

My ankle feels so much better than earlier this week.  I seriously thought I had fractured something on Monday.  I now  have full range of motion again and I have been doing the stretches and excises every day.  I also have KT tape and will tape for extra support on Sunday.  I might even tape my adductor muscles.  I’ll be wearing capris so it won’t be visible and the extra support can’t hurt.

I also learned the hard way last month to NOT GO OUT TOO FAST.  Maybe if I yell it at myself a million time, I will get it!  I don’t think they will have pacers on Sunday but I will program my Garmin to beep when I go above my pace.  While I will be happy to do better than last time (2:40), my A goal is 2:30.  Of course, my C goal is always to not hurt myself, not hurt anyone else, not be last, and hopefully get at least one decent picture 🙂 (I thought I had a good one last time until I saw the couple dressed as Superman and Supergirl behind me, walking in their Vibrams)

I will not psych myself out.  I am going to go and do the best that my body can manage.  It has been through a lot lately and I need to respect the effort and the miles.

Hoorah, Marines!  Let’s go!


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