ImageYeah, there’s no “tri” either for me – at least not for now.  I was a DNS on Sunday’s race.

Due to the poison ivy from HELL (I’m now on a month long course of steroids!  Shoot me now!), I wasn’t able to get any swim training in – one of my weaker legs of the tri.  Due to my freak out over the bike and a few other things, I was only able to do a couple of bike rides, nothing like I wanted to – my second weakest leg of the tri.  Due to my strained muscle from the Swamp Stomp and then a minor case of Tibialis Posterior tendinitis, I wasn’t able to do very much running – running is my strongest leg but my ankle was screaming bloody murder.  All this equals a big, fat, Did Not Start.  Bah!

Luckily, there are many other sprint tris in the area so I plan to resume my training plan and do it right!  I would much rather have a DNS than to have a really horrible race due to lack of training.

May 12 was also my birthday, a day which usually leaves me rather pissy, and I knew this would be worse because of the DNS.  I was determined to not let my attitude ruin everyone’s day so I asked that we go to one of the nice local lakes where I could do a loop or two while Little Runner and my husband played at the playground and they readily agreed.  This was before my ankle diagnosis and I thought the trail around the lake would be easier for me since it was softer.  Uh, no.  Turns out, trails are the worst thing for that kind of injury.  Thankfully, it was  a pretty easy trail (lots of strollers!  That’s how they should rate trails!  Diamonds for ski runs, strollers for trails.).  I called it good after just one loop and then we walked down to the lake and had a picnic snack.  It was just what I needed to keep the funk at bay.

With the shells we found in the lake
With the shells we found in the lake

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