Registration for the Army Ten Miler opened today at 12:01 am (jerks) and I was discussing it last night with my husband.  After the craziness of the Marine Corp Marathon registration, I knew this one – run a scant week before MCM – would go fast.  Last year it sold out in 9 hours but I was not about to get up at midnight to register.  We were just chatting about it and he asked if it would be an okay distance for me, that close before the marathon.  I replied “Oh, yeah! It’s only ten miles!”  At which point, I started laughing.  Seriously, a year ago I couldn’t even imagine being so blase about 10 miles.  A year ago, I would have thrown up if someone told me I needed to run that.  A year ago, I was still struggling with 3.  What a difference a year makes!

We then started making jokes about the various crazy races I could do – I would have won the Iditarod if the sled of dogs I was pulling didn’t weigh so much! I told them to cut back on the fish! – okay, so that isn’t going to fly but it won’t be long before the marathon won’t be a big, scary distance to me.  A year from now, I hope to have two marathons under my belt and be eying my next challenge.  A year from now, I will be that much stronger.

Every day, forward!


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