The Best Laid Plans

Man, I hated Steinbeck in high school.  Still not a fan… But, two things have certainly made my plans go awry.

1. My dog continues to try to kill me.

I am highly allergic to any skin affliction.  When I was little, in backwater Michigan where the mosquitoes will carry off your young if you aren’t careful, I would swell up from every single bite so badly that it looked like I had mumps.  One time, both of my eyes swelled entirely shut from one bite on my cheek!  I am also very allergic to poison ivy.

Three weeks ago, my legs began to itch a bit and I thought it was just some passing allergy.  Then they itched more.  Then I was drawing blood from itching so much.  Both of my lower legs looked like I was turning into the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  Or I had leprosy.  Whoops, lost a leg!  Let me just grab that!  I thought it would clear up with enough calamine lotion/Benedryl/antibiotic cream but it was not.  And it was hurting. And it was affecting my plans for my tri.  I couldn’t very well go to a public pool looking like I had some sort of plague.  Plus, the chlorine!  I can’t even imagine.  So, I have not done any swim training for the past 3 weeks.  I also haven’t done much running because my long pants (no capris! See “plague” and “health risk”) hurt when they moved on the skin.  I finally went to urgent care yesterday, at my husband’s very vocal insistence.  Diagnosis – a nasty case of poison ivy!  I am now on steroids and am already feeling better.

But how?? I haven’t been on any trail runs!  Ah, but three weeks ago, when the weather was warm, I took the dog out for a pee while wearing capris and he went traipsing through some of the undergrowth in our back yard to find the perfect spot.  I investigated yesterday and…

If I hear "leave of 3, let it be" one more time...
If I hear “leave of 3, let it be” one more time…

Score one more for the dog!  This means that I need to reschedule my tri.  The same group has a bit of a longer race in June that I will do but I’m a bit bummed that I can’t do this one on my birthday.

2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Sucks

My next scheduled half was to be Rock ‘n’ Roll Pittsburgh.  I was so looking forward to this one!  We were going to make a little vacation of it.  See some of the cool museums.  Spend time with family.  And there was a chance that some family was going to run with me!

Yesterday I received an email from RnR: It is with great disappointment that we have been forced to postpone the event until 2014. We can no longer plan to organize an event without the support from the Mayor’s Office, Director of Public Safety and the Special Events Committee on the agreed upon date of August 4, 2013.  Blah, blah, blah.  Whatever.  I really wasn’t psyched about running with this group, per se, but the schedule was great.  Now what?

Now I’m going to do the Marine Corp (yes, again) Historic Half on May 19.  The Marines put on a great race and I always do really well with them.  My first 10K was a community run that was an absolute disaster (for me) and almost put me off running.  My second 10K was two months later with the Marines and I had a fabulous time – even while dodging Hurricane Sandy!

Now the crazy part – I ran my first half on April 13.  My second will be May 19.  If I can squeeze in one more before June 13, I qualify as a Half Marathon Fanatic!

I’ve had to make changes but all is not lost!


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