Product Review: Simple Hydration Water Bottle

I am finally at the mileage point where I need to consider my hydration needs while running.  I already know that belts won’t work for me (wide hips and I hate things bouncing or riding up).  I tried using a handheld but it was awkward and I couldn’t imagine carrying it for length of time (sweaty hands!).  I thought about a Nathan’s vest or CamelBak but I’m not ready to be that girl yet.

Luckily, I recently learned about the Simple Hydration water bottle and decided to give it a try.

Simple Hydration Water Bottle

As you can see, it’s a bit unusual.  The design of the bottle allows for it to hook onto your shorts or tights and it is meant to be carried at the small of  your back.  It holds 13 oz. and has a wide mouth.  It will stand on the base after you’ve filled it.

I tried it for the first time on Sunday for a 5 mile run.  At first, the cold bottle was a bit uncomfortable against my back but I could see that as being a bonus in the summer.  The wide mouth allows for the addition of ice cubes in the summer – I plan to try that!  Also, the wide mouth means that I can refill it easily on a race course at the water stations.  I was aware of the weight and the bottle’s position for the first couple of miles but then forgot about it.  It did slosh a bit but it wasn’t distracting.  It was very easy to drink out of and reposition without slowing down.  Overall, I think this was a good choice for me.  I plan on buying another one and stashing it along my route for the longer runs – 13 oz. isn’t much in the summer heat but anything more would be too heavy.


Easy to fill and clean, can add ice


Not a hand-held


Relatively small

Price – $19.99 + S/H direct but Amazon Prime is $16.99

Bottom Line

This is a nice little bottle if you need some hydration but aren’t ready for a full-on pack.  I plan to use it extensively for my marathon training and at my races.  I will update this if my opinion changes at all.



3 thoughts on “Product Review: Simple Hydration Water Bottle

  1. Dana told me about the Wink hydration backpack from Ultimate Direction. It is made for women and I really like it! It is cold on my back when I first put it on, and it does make sloshing noise too – but I can’t hear that when my music is on. 😉 So when you are ready to be “that girl”, I’d suggest that instead of a CamelBak. 😉 The CamelBaks bounce around too much…

    1. Yeah, I’m also too cheap for a pack… I about choked on the price! I’ve heard that if you turn it upside down and suck out the air or squeeze the bladder to expel the air before screwing on the cap then it won’t slosh. Maybe I’ll get one when I try an ultra 😉 (I’m kidding! Maybe)

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