We Are Runners!

Boston.  There have been a million blog posts and articles since Monday that completely capture my feelings about Boston.  Like most runners, I have been through the gambit of emotions since first learning of the bombs but now I’m just pissed.  And I’m not alone.  All across Facebook, I’m seeing posts of runners dedicating their miles to Boston, running extra races, buying race shirts to support the various charities that have sprung into action, donating blood, doing 26.2 random acts of kindness, giving back in any way they can.  Because Monday wasn’t about the runners.  It was about the spectators, supporters, families, and friends.  It was about our support crew.  Runners are now moving en masse to rally around our injured and give back the support that they have always given to us.  We can’t heal their wounds or restore their families but maybe we can ease their suffering and hurt just a tiny bit.

I decided to tell Little Runner about Boston on Monday – so he would be aware of the world and understand why I was not acting as I usually do.  First we talked about my race on Saturday – the distance, the small number of runners, and the fact that it was just a fun run for everyone – and then I told him about the Boston Marathon and how it is such a special race because only the best can do it and how it is a big party for the city and how wonderful it is.  I then told him that a bad person tried to ruin that wonderful things by setting bombs to hurt the runners and the families  and spectators.  He asked if anyone died and I told him that some had and that others were very badly injured.  He said that he really liked hearing about the Boston Marathon but he didn’t like that last part.  “Why would anyone want to hurt people like that? They’re just running a race!” he wanted to know.  Good question.

Registration opened for the Healthy Kids Run that precedes the Marine Corp Marathon.  Little Runner ran it last year and didn’t care for it much.  He’s not a fan of out-and-backs and this one was around the Pentagon parking lot so it was hardly scenic.  We talked about it and decided to not to that one this year.  I then asked him about the Marine Corp Turkey Trot.  We also ran that last year and had a good time running around the Quantico Base.  Same distance for him but it’s a loop so, no problem!  I asked if he still wanted to do it this year, as it will be on his birthday.  His response?  “That’s a great way to spend my birthday!  We are runners, after all!”

Yes, we are runners.  And we are strong.



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