30 Days

In 30 days I will be running my first half marathon!   I’ve got this!

I’m not (overly) afraid of the distance any longer.  I was kidding in my post about the trail race but, seriously, if I can do 10 miles of THAT, then I can definitely do 13.1 flat, paved miles!  Now that the distance is no longer a looming monster, I need to pick up my pace.  Literally.  I maintained two 10 minute miles and one 11 on the treadmill this morning.  I’m shooting for three miles at 10 next time.  I don’t have any major time expectations for my first half but I would love to do better than an 11 min/mile average.  My long term plan is to do a sub 2 hour half but I know it won’t be this time around.  That’s okay.  I can wait for it.

In other news, I’m doing my first obstacle run in June.  Time to start working on the upper body!  I think I need to have my husband install a pull up bar for me in the family room.  Until then, I’m going to embarrass my kid on the monkey bars at the park.  Good times!


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