Snow Day

Today was a “snow day” for the DC metro region. “Slush day” is more like it but who am I to look a free day off in the mouth? It was also a day that I was scheduled to run 7 miles. This is my last big mileage week before I begin a slow taper. Guess how many miles I ran. 0, nada, zilch.

What did I do instead? I made an excellent breakfast for my family, took my son to Target for a new Lego set and spent a few hours building and playing with it, watched the last Star Wars movie that we never seem to have time for, and had a low-stress dinner before a lengthy bedtime story session.

Do I feel bad about falling off plan (again)? Not really. I want my running, etc. to be a positive thing for my entire family and I think a snow induced mental health day was the perfect move. The road will always be waiting for me but days like today are truly fleeting.

What about you? Do you stick to you plan religiously or is there some wobble to it? Do you think anything suffers because of it?


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