1Year Out


Today is my “runniversary”.  1 year ago today I began day one of the Couch to 5K program.  Of course, on that day, it was more a brisk walk than a run and it would take many weeks before I could run faster than that walk but I stuck with it!  I don’t have the best track record when it comes to exercise programs so I think I surprised everyone by not only finishing the C25K program but continuing on with my running.

I still don’t know exactly what pushed me over the edge and made me lace up my shoes for the first time.  I think I was finally, officially, fed up with being fat, sick, and tired all of the time.  Running has not only improved my health but it also sparked a “let’s try it!” attitude.  I’m finding myself signing up for all sorts of “crazy” things that I would have never had the temerity to attempt even a year ago.  Seriously, kickboxing? Triathlons?  Who is this crazy woman?  I don’t know but I’m glad she’s sticking around!


I decided to switch out my long run to Saturday this week.  I was scheduled for 10 but only did 8 before my bladder effectively halted my last 2 mile loop past the house.  I was a bit disappointed by my performance and the fact that I didn’t stick to my plan.  My husband had to get after me a bit and remind me that I still ran 8 MILES!  That’s an accomplishment!  I’ll get the 10 next week.

Speaking of next week – long runs scare me, mentally.  I know I can do it but I habitually talk myself out of them.  I have found that I cope much better in a group environment, even if I don’t end up running with the group.  To that end, I signed up for a 10 mile trail race next Sunday.  Since I’ve only done a couple of trail runs (2), and never a race, I decided to volunteer for the first one of the series on Sunday.  I’m so glad I did!

Apparently, this is the most difficult course of the series. As I was working the aid station, it was very interesting to see the difference in the runners between their first loop and the second!  The first loop had the runners pretty tightly bunched and everyone was very peppy.  The second loop, 5 miles later, was much more spread out and it was clear that some of the runners had taken the “quick” way down some hills based on the amount of dirt on them.  They all seemed to have a great time, though, even with the cold.  It was nice that most of them stuck around to cheer in the later finishers.  In a road race, everyone tends to clear out as soon as they are done.

I tell you, though, there are very few tasks as cold as filling and handing out water and Gatorade for 2 hours. In the woods. In 30 degree, cloudy, weather. With wind.  Oof. When I came home, I climbed into bed fully clothed and passed out for an hour!  Next week’s course is not supposed to be as challenging – no mention of “some hills” in the course description.  I’m looking forward to running it!


I’m “looking forward to running”!  That still shocks me, even a year later.


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