Crunch Time

My training is really ramping up for my first half next month.  My weekend “long” runs are now 11-13 miles and I have Wednesdays of 6-7.  I’m not terribly speedy so that’s a good chunk of time spend on the road/trails/treadmill. Throw in 2 nights of kickboxing, 1 night of TRX, plus 1 night of swim classes (I need to learn how to lane swim!) for my impending mini-tri and, well, more than my abs are feeling crunched!


After my first 10 miler last week, someone said that they envied all of the time that I have to exercise.  I almost fell off my chair – that is, if I had been sitting down and not running around trying to 50 million things at once.  My running and overall fitness is extremely important to me.  It helps with my health issues, mental state, and overall well-being.  I don’t just luck into huge blocks of time that I can do as I wish.  I have to carefully create the time.  Thankfully, my husband and son are super supportive of my endeavors – they know what I was like before and don’t want to go back! – but that still means I’m up at 4 every day, I rarely read more than half a section of the newspaper at a time, and I’m “lucky” to watch 30 minutes of television a night.  Oh, and I have no social life 🙂

I need this shirt!
[IMG source]
At the end of the day, though, I still think I’m coming out ahead.  Just don’t mind me if I fall asleep mid-sentence.


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