A Lazy Girl’s Playlist

I have never been a huge digital music person.  I don’t have massive playlists.  I never had a MP3 player.  Heck, I just recently bought my first iPhone!  I’m also, shall we say, frugal in certain areas. Needless to say, running music has been bit of a challenge.

I started using Spotify about a year or so ago.  I went with the paid version so I could listen off-line – and my son could listen to various things in the car or when we spend the night in a hotel – with my old iPod Touch (yes, I realize it was an iPod but I never used it as that).  When I started running, I began to create customized playlists on Spotify for my races but that was tedious and I could never think of anything good when faced with their whole catalog. I also didn’t care for most of the “pre-canned” running playlists that are floating around. Thankfully, I have finally solved that problem!

I created a “radio station” based on one of my playlists and listen to it when working in the kitchen, folding laundry, etc.  When a good running song comes on, I give it a “thumbs up”.  This then moves the song to a “Liked From Radio” playlist.  I have it set to shuffle so I don’t memorize the order of the songs and I add them gradually so I usually forget what’s in the mix.  I had several nice surprises during my last race.  I also spent many miles with Tom Petty, but that’s not so bad either!


The only drawback is that I think the music stops when you reach the last song.  I’m not certain but I plan on adding a lot more between now and my first half in April so I don’t run out of tunes!

Rock on!


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