Outrunning Crazy

Remember Susan Powter?
Remember Susan Powter? I think I could out-crazy her right now

I’m currently dealing with a lot of anxiety issues and I’m trying to combat them on my own.  First, I’m eating 100% squeaky clean.  No little nibbles of crackers or Doritos or whatever.  I have to be especially vigilant when making Little Runner’s dinner on the nights that my husband has class!  He eats things that I don’t and my self-control is woefully low at 6 pm.  Second, I’m making sure I get a regular endorphin hit from exercise.  Unfortunately, the palliative effect isn’t lasting quite as long right now (I was a sobbing mess an hour after a tough kickboxing session last night) so I’m upping the frequency and intensity, within reason.


This means that I was actually motivated to do half my run this morning while my husband was walking the dog (who tries to kill me when I’m on the treadmill.  That’s another story…)  I pulled off 2 MILES at a 10 minute pace!  This is freaking huge for me!  Of course, my third mile was considerably slower and included my cool down so my average was 11 min./mile but still!  I have two more miles waiting for me tonight and I plan to do them both at 10.  In order to run faster you have to … run faster, right?  I plan on keeping at least some of my short runs at a fast(er) pace and see how that improves my overall pace.

If I wind up with a faster pace and manage to stay off the roof, I think it’s a win-win!


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