Tough Week

My schedule has been totally off this week!  The only run I managed to do was 4.75 on Saturday.  I broke my 5K PR by 15 seconds so that’s something but I actively ignored the 10 miles that was to be my long run. I don’t know why I have such a block when it’s time to bump up my miles. It seems to take me a couple of tries to finally get it done.  I’m glad I scheduled in two repeat weeks into my plan.  While I’m not pleased with my effort this week, I feel better knowing that I didn’t totally blow the plan.  I’m adding in an extra boxing day today to a) kick me out of my funk and b) start this week off better.

On the triathlon front, I’m pretty sure it won’t be happening this year due to my current scheduling problems HOWEVER, I am planning for next year.  I have just ordered a set of prescription goggles (legally blind + open water swim = someone drowning!) and have signed up to take an intermediate “lane swim” class at the local rec center. They work on some strokes and basically teach you how to safely swim in a lane.  Once I have this done, I might do a little “indoor tri” that some gyms sponsor just for fun.  I will also start watching Craigslist for a decent road bike and trainer.

Lesson for the week: I have to do my run early because “later” never happens.

Also, if anyone needs swim goggles or sports glasses with prisms or other prescription weirdness in northern Virginia, Virginia Eyecare Center in Burke can handle it.


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