Feeling Cross?

My cross-training nights are a bit of a scramble for us. We only have one car right now so it’s a complicated dance of train/bus/quick ride down the street in order to make it to the 5:15 kickboxing class with enough time to change and stretch. It also requires Louis to pick up our son, manage him and the (high energy) dog for the evening, and pick me up again after class is over.  We repeat this twice a week, with a double session on Thursdays.  Every week I am tempted to bail.  I sit at my desk and fret that it’s too much for him to have to manage solo and I should just go home. Plus I’m tired. Plus something hurts. Plus I’m feeling stressed. Plus, plus, plus.  But Louis won’t let me back out. He won’t let me come home*, and for that I am grateful.

Within minutes of walking into Title Boxing Club Springfield, I feel a million times better.  The fabulous trainer and the challenging workout(s) really help knock me out of

Muscle Pairs

my funk and readjust my perspective – plus I’m actually building muscle! I am currently taking kickboxing and a kickboxing/TRX combo twice a week.  The workouts are significantly different from running and I can’t mentally approach them in the same way, nor can I just zone out for a few miles and power through. I have to stay mentally engaged and focused on my form and the drills. That mental agility is as big of a bonus as the added strength, flexibility, and stamina.  From working my core in these classes, I’ve really noticed the difference in my form when I run and how I feel after I run.  I read/talk to runners who do nothing but run and don’t see the benefit of cross-training and then are surprised when they wind up injured.  I really don’t understand them. I’ve been dealing with my own lower back injury that’s related to my crappy piriformis muscles and overall weak glutes and it makes perfect sense when I read about what an impact uneven muscle pairs can cause. Strong quads + weak glutes = lower back problems. Duh!

Also, just knowing that there is someone out there that cares about your training and is willing to listen to your race report and cheers at your progress – and who isn’t married or related to you – is pretty awesome!  If you don’t have a trainer like that or cross-train at all, then you need to start checking out various gyms until you find your “home”.  I know that the person who walks out of TBC at 6:15 is a much better wife and mother and a stronger athlete than the one who walked in at 5:00.

*now if I truly needed to come home, he would of course oblige but he’s pretty good at seeing through my BS


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